Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On things that make me sad...

1) Old photos. Be they for people I know or not, the older they are, the sadder and more intrigued I become. Think of all the things that happened to these few people forever frozen in time, doing whatever they might be doing. If its people I know, it saddens me to know what once was, what once could have been and what is now. It is just sad...

2) Airports. Doesn't matter whether you are crying and sniffing your goodbyes, or screaming and screeching your hellos, airports always make me sad. It is filled with contradictions. Hopeful people, happy people, sad people, depressed people, new arrivals, never coming backers, tourists, natives, healthy people, sick people, people that missed their flights, people that wish they missed their flights and so on. Airports are just depressing places no matter why you are there.

3) Old books. Especially ones I love and adore. I love the fact that they take me back through time and space and transform my surroundings into other places like magic. However, it is sad to read a new book, although comforting. It combines the feelings that i get from old photos and airports. No matter what, it is always static, stuck in a time loop, and no matter how excited you are to see it an read it again, you know that your goodbyes are just around the corner.

4) Songs. Well, certain songs, but mostly ones that I can relate to. It saddens me that a complete stranger can better describe what I am feeling at any point in time than I ever can.

5) Old notes written by people. A person's handwriting is as unique as their voice. Sometimes, all it takes is one letter and bam! you are back to square one. You can be missing them, loving them, hating them, indifferent towards them... it doesnt matter. Those feelings will come back anyway.

6) Old people who are alone. That site does more than upset me, it saddens me. Old people are so cool! It is a shame that they should ever be left by themselves. We should invest in them more. They gave up their youth for families, country or even dreams. Now it is time for someone to take care of them and befriend them.

7) A sick, homeless cat. We have loads of that here, and it is such a pitiful and sad sight.

8) Graduations. Yes, graduations depress me. Hundreds of people gather together to celebrate what they think is a huge accomplishment. What they choose not to realize is that thousands of others are doing just that. Dreams are not as easily accomplished as they think and life.... well, life is tougher than they can ever imagiine.

9) New Years' eve. Its the saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. It is weird, but it depresses me.

10) Culture, Heritage and Society. These three often combine to produce the stupidest, most idiotic, masochistic and chauvinistic ideas, especially in the Arab society. It saddens me that in this day and age, we still can not look past tradition and culture and see things as they truly are, not as what we should see them as.

Those are the top ten off the top of my head. No reason for them, but felt like sharing.

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