Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On being forgiven

I am not one to believe in signs, but I have been having these weird dreams lately. Some of them I was letting go, some i was finally being let go, and most recently, I was given another chance. I believe that the most recent dream I had was a message from God telling me that he has forgiven me for anything I might have done in the past and that now, I have been given a chance to start over. It makes sense, no? I mean, here I am, living a life so different than the one I led only 10 months back. I will describe my dream below:

I was at some outdoor party or something, there was this colleague of mine- Reem- who I am no longer in touch with. I was asking her why she was at that party when she should be at her usual volleyball practices and she said she had quit the team. Suddenly, the sky turned pinkish/red and everyone started pointing up, smiling, rejoicing and saying "it is a sign, baby prophet is passing over us and this white line in the sky is his pathway, just like God said he would one day". I looked up and there was a white line, and there was a carriage like thing -I'm not sure- and horses, white horses, and stars and something glittery and it just looked so pretty. I started praising God, and then, although I knew it was a miracle, something was still trying to dissuade me. I no longer wanted to go to the party, I wanted to go home only to realize that I am stuck. I had no car and it was rush hour, if I were to take a cab it would take me min one hour to get home, that is when I woke up.

I think it is a sign because ever since then and I have had this serene, calm feeling that I haven't had for a long time now. It is like I started fresh, new... like I should no longer worry about the past and concentrate on the future.... like i have been reborn.

Weird, eh?

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  1. did u know u sound like a crazy person???? kkkkkkk
    just joking my love!
    Forgiven u from what? what kind of nasty bad hings did u do miss berry? lol
    i think it has more to do with giving u a peace of mind
    luv yaaa
    welcome back! how come u didnt ell me u were back before???