Friday, June 8, 2007

Random life updates

* We celebrated my nephew's second bday today, it was a surprise party and he and my other nephew seemed to enjoy it. It is funny how children grow onto you and how you wake up one day to realize that you actually enjoy having them over.

* Life here is getting to me. I need friends, I need a life, I need something more than what it is at the moment. Sometimes I even feel as though I need oxygen... Having all this free time to think about life, how it went and where it is heading is not going great with me either. It is driving me MAD.

* Still unemplyed but its mostly because I cant be bothered to actively look for a job. I sometimes feel I've become too weak to handle the real world. This year has not been kind to me so far and I just do not want to give it any chances to screw with me anymore.

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