Thursday, March 29, 2007

movies watched lately...

Well, my dear friends, I have been catching up and watching old movies. So far, i have watched:
* Three men and a baby
* Analyze This
* Kiss of the Dragon
* Ghost Rider
* Because I said so
* You got served
* Crash
* Someone Like you
* Harry Potter (all)
* South Park
* You've got mail
* 2 Weeks notice (Anyone has it? I cant find it, I had to download it)
* and about 15 other movies that I do not remember their names.
I have also been watching Ugly betty and some grey's anatomy... um... what else? Oh yeah! Cold case and CSI... plenty of both. also friends, how i met your mother, according to Jim, scrubs...

yup, empty life, I have too much time on my hands and I can not be bothered to actually put it to good use.

miss you

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