Monday, March 12, 2007

Domestic Towel Dilemma...

Ok, so this is really annoying. Whenever i step into the washroom, wash my hands and turn to use the towel to dry them, I do not find the towel there! My sister decides to use it to dry her hair everyday when she takes a shower, her son's nanny decides to use the one i hang afterwards to dry his bum after washing it. Yesterday, I went through 3 towels. This is really annoying seeing as there is a basket-full of towels right outside the washrooms door and all she has to do is make a switch! Of course, late at night, I walk into the washroom and I start laughing like an idiot because, surprise surprise, there was no towel.

My sister found it funny... and naturally, she would, since its her that is causing the whole towel dilemma here.

Oh, and today, as i was driving to the gym, i hear a funny sound coming from my car, so I do a U-turn, take a right and drive into a parking lot. all this time i am thinking "does my car have a life of its own? I feel as though it is going without me and I have no control over it". So, anyways, I park the car, step out, walk to the right, look down and what do I find? My tire has been punctured!!!!! to make things worse, I was in the only area that does not have cabs frequently bothering you....

What a wonderful life!


  1. (B) What a wonderful life ;), I'm hating my life also... but what ever I just wish that... lolll actually I don't even know what to wish for hehehehehe anyways about the towel a suggestion, leave one in ur room and take it with u eveytime u go to the bathroom at night cz u'll keep on being annoyed and crazy for laughing alone at night lolll ;)

  2. thts a funny towel dilemma... hhiihhi
    btw did u get the car u wanted??