Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On meditation... and other things..

I finally went meditation today. It was a Sahaja-Yoga style meditation. I must admit, after an hour and a half of no cell ringing nonstop, no music, no talking, basically no technology to interrupt, I did feel a little calm. At one point however, all that quietness was getting to me, and I was feeling suffocated, but that is normal I suppose. I also found out that i am right-sided, meaning that the so many thoughts that keep racing through my mind are what are keeping my "Kundalini" and my Chakra from opening.

To be honest here, I do no t even know if i believe that the exercises we did make a difference in the outcome. They were like, sit still for a good 5 min, keeping your palms open, then open your eyes and move your hands. Apparently, you should feel a tingling in your palms or a cold or warm breeze on them. Ummm... hello? If you sit in one position for a while and then move, it is only natural to feel something different when you move since your blood starts circulating a different way! I do not know... I might also be wrong, I am very untrusting when it comes to these things...


C is coming back soon, which means I am leaving soon. T -14 baby... T -14.


Oh right! I never told you about my interview!!! Well, to make it short, it went well, they will contact me soon, but the pay sucks.... actually, it is more pathetic. Let us just say that IF I get it and IF I decide to go, daddy has to pay for my accommodation, my board, my transportation, my spending, my everything.... What a wonderful thing to look forward to, study 4 years, graduate, try to get a job only to find out that daddy still has to take care of you. Depressssssssssing. AND this comes at a time in life when I decided I wanted to become independent, to grow up........ yeah, right! At the rate things are going, I doubt that would happen anytime soon.


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