Monday, December 11, 2006

Stolen from a friends' notes:

I think this is beautiful....

They like to tell us that we Palestinians are “too angry”
That the case for Palestine will never be heard
because we aren’t ‘civilized’

“Those arabs,” they say,
no diplomacy, too hot blooded, undemocratic,
violence flows naturally in their blood
- terrorist breeding, jihad leading, crazy matha-what!!-

And, those Palestinian women!
“so fuckin irrational”- I heard one say
about my sister and I- after a late night debate
at café no name, way back when it was café supreme

All because when I address the occupier,
racist, fascist, genocide supporting
Apartheid promoting motherfucker
I SCREAM- as opposed to talk
I don’t ask, I make demands
And my demands are clear
No Justice, No Peace!
No peace without justice
And, no justice or peace without the right of return

it’s a simple mathematic equation …
My dad won’t smile until he’s sitting under that olive tree
That same olive tree that he was sitting under on the day
they dragged him out of his home
kicking and screaming
holding onto the soil of Palestine for the last time,
yelling like Tawfik Zayyid,
“Don’t you see, my roots are entrenched deep in this earth”
My roots are entrenched deep in this earth…
Deep in this earth, our roots are entrenched…

And so it goes,
He wont smile until he returns
I wont smile until he smiles
My kids wont smile until I smile
And the vicious cycle begins…

But I don’t care,
because I’m raising the revolution
I’m raising the next generation of the revolution
Stone throwing,
middle finger waving, keffiyah wearing, poetry writing,
Ghassan Kanfani style kids mixed with a lot of Malcolm X,
Too cool, oops, I mean
too revolutionary for school kinda kids,
Too busy screaming out, “I just don’t give a fuck!” kinda kids

The kinda kids who won’t be peaceful
Who will always remain lethal
until they return

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