Thursday, December 28, 2006

Saddam news

So now Saddam wants to be seen as a hero, a martyr?

Although I think he sucks, and that the oxygen he breathes is too good for him, i do not believe anyone, not even the state, has the right to end somebodys' life. Capital punishment does nothing, in my opinion, to obtain justice. My argument is as follows:

If someone tortured and killed all those people, would it not be better to just let him live out his whole life, in a small cell in some prison, with nothing he was ever used to and no chance of appealing? Would it not be better to let that person lead a miserable life, one that will maybe mirror that of those that survived his lunacy?

Another point is that well, life is precious. It is a gift from God and therefore, He should chose when to end it. We should guard it and hold onto it. Therefore, even if it were a tyrant such as Saddam, I believe he should be left to live. What good will it do anyone if he was hanged? Or even given the lethal injection? Or poisoned? All these are too humane and too fast for him. They can not kill him by putting him in a gas chamber, or by exposing him to nuclear material. He will never feel the pain he inflicted on others, and even if he did, he will only feel it for a few seconds before he dies. Whereas if they let him live in the conditions I stated earlier, he will feel the pain, he will suffer, and he will wish he DID die.

Ahhh, I am so against capital punishment. I think life should not be taken by anyone, not even by the state. Righting a wrong with another wrong does not make it right. No human being should kill, for any reason what so ever. Period.

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