Saturday, December 30, 2006

On the big, bad tyrant being gone...

There is something fishy about this whole thing. something does not seem right. I mean, they never set the date for his execution, and then, within 24 hours, the date had been set and he had been killed. Also, I do not believe he died fairly. When I say that, I mean that I do not believe he died on the hands of Iraqis. (Remember that I do not approve of Capital punishment, but if somebody has to do it, it should be the people involved, NOT the American scum that is there). The Americans went into Iraq, displaced him, took him to jail then court, ordered elections, allowed the new government to form, is STILL there and not doing much about the civil war they created. Saddam was a tyrant, was crazy, was an asshole, but with him around, the civil war would not have taken place. Plus, who do the Americans think they are anyway to do what they did? I STILL can not believe they were welcomed with open arms. Kind of reminds me when the Taliban took over in Afghanistan. Did they not do so with the aid of the Americans? Were they not trained by them, given weapons from them? So, Taliban rolls into Afghanistan to free it from the "Communist Russians", then take over as Gods, are STILL there and now fighting the Americans.

God, history is filled with so much blood. Anyways, back to Saddam, another flaw in the story is that it is Eid. Even if the Shia's celebrate Eid one day after the Sunni's, it is still a holy day, it is the day when all the hijaj stand on Mt. Arafe and pray. It is EID!!!! It is the one were Muslims celebrate God's gift to the prophet Abraham as he was about to sacrifice his only son for God. God sent him a sheep instead. It is the day when God refused the sacrificing of a human soul in his name. Yet, here we are, sacrificing one. I am not saying that he did not deserve it, please, do not get me wrong... All I am saying is that this way, a right has not been made, not to him, not to the people. He should have lived. He should have lived to see himself in a dungeon, tortured, barely fed. He should have lived to see himself treated as a dog, living like one also. He should have lived in nasty conditions until God chose to end his life. This was too humane... and too inhumane.

So, the soul has been sacrificed, and the sheep (ALL the Middle East, including Iraq) is still being fed and fattened before it too, is killed.

Below is a video from Al-Arabiya showing Saddams' final moments, leading up to when they put the rope around his neck....

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