Saturday, December 2, 2006


I have recently made a few new friends, friends I know I will be in touch with forever more. People that have the same friendship traits I do, if not more. People who are similar to me in the kind of friends they are, if not better. However, this saddens me. Here I am, making new friends, when I know that i will leave in exactly 60 days. Here I am, doing what I did not want to do, and that is getting attached to people all over again. This, you see, is hard for me as I do not know if i can handle saying goodbye to more people. I do not know if I can handle all this.

I promised myself I will get detached, I will distance myself from people, but its not working. I like hanging out with these people, I like talking to them and everything...

This is life, i guess... you learn to accept what comes your way and move on... One thing is for certain though, i will do my best to not lose touch. As one very wise friend put it "its like family, even though you are far away, there is still a bond". This is my family away from my family there. This is the family that has seen me mature, has held me when I was scared, picked me up when I was down, made me see life from a whole new perspective and much, much more. I owe so much to them, and I shall never forget that.

i love you guys, although i do not say it very often.. and i will miss you like no other. The thought of it scares me, but i will hold on, and we shall meet again. THAT IS A PROMISE!

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