Monday, November 20, 2006

On what is irritating me now

You know what I absolutely hate? I hate the way the news belittles peoples lives. I hate it when they report about deaths as though it was an ok thing. I mean, yeah, to die is part of life; however, to be killed is not. I was just ready this article on aljazeera international and what irritated me in the use of three little words: some 80 people. SOME? Seriously? you can not even take the time to do the research and come up with the right, accurate number? SOME? What? those people's lives are so insignificant that we no longer need to know?

Of course, if they were Israeli, Americans, British, Canadian etc it would never be some. it would be an exact number. It could also be followed by their names and a more thorough explanation of what had happened. But they are not. They are Palestinians. Palestinians living a fucked up life every day, not knowing whether or not they will live to see the following day. They live in such nasty and rotten conditions, it is a miracle a plague has not erupted yet. But still, they are not westerners, so why should anyone care? Why should the world take one minute to say a prayer for their dead, to weep for the children's' lost innocence, to cry for the broken families, to check on the poor and weak, to ask after the lost and disappeared, and to fight for their rights. Why should anyone bother? Palestinians are at the bottom of the human race chain. Who cares? I say, I care. I weep, feel, cry... I do and I am sure there are others like me out there. We just have to be heard and that is what we shall do... I will not rest until my voice is heard... I can not.

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