Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On stupid ass people

So today, i am sitting in my coffee shop, minding my own business, when this ASSHOLE next to me- who is Jordanian- starts saying that Palestinians have it easy in Jordan and nothing differentiates Palestine from the rest of the Arab world. His argument, and i quote " It wont make a difference for Jordanians if Israel invaded them as they are already invaded". Already invaded? REALLY? by the Palestinians?!!! The ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE HE? It was his f***ing king that sold y land. It was his government that sold my land in order for them to create their precious JORDAN! Then, he has the nerve to tell me that Palestinians have it easy in Jordan, that the poor Jordanian kids used to give their lunch money to us so that Arafat could go build mansions in Paris. Really? Funny, i don't recall a Palestinian with a refugee status working in the Jordanian government! I know for a fact that if two people applied for the same job, one with Jordanian ancestry and one with Palestinian ancestry, the Jordanian one would DEFIANTLY get it. THEN he has the nerve to say that Palestinians have it good in Lebanon too. AS IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When people are denied their basic rights of working as doctors or engineers and are only allowed to work in something like 70 jobs only; when people can't even leave their houses or money to their children and families because once they die, they become the property of the Lebanese government by default; when people barely have electricity and some running water; when, when, when. WTF is he talking about? How dare he belittle the Palestinian crisis? How dare he say that "Palestine, meaning the west bank and Gaza, are back and that the Palestinians are the ones who don't want to go back"??? How dare he judge a people who have nothing in the world except one dream, and that is to return? How dare he assume that these people are happy with the way things are? Also, how dare he say that Palestinians should not state what new citizenship they acquired. I know of not one Palestinian that denies his or her roots. ALL of the ones i know state that they are Palestinian regardless of what passport they have. If we do not do that, then Palestine is lost and it is no longer ours.

God, i am soooooooo angry and upset. How dare someone who comes from such a country that betrayed us, our trust and everything, say those things, and with such smugness too?!!! Palestine is ours, it is rightfully ours whether anyone likes it or not. We shall return, tomorrow, the day after, or even 100 years from now, it is OURS AND WE WILL RETURN!!!!!!! Justice will prevail, and we shall rise from this. The struggle will carry one and will continue as long as the Palestinians have children and as long as those have children of their own. it is in our blood and it is something that no one shall deny us, ever!!!! It is ours and fuck anyone who does not believe so.

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  1. Awe honey... sorry you had to have your coffee with a side of hatred this morning! Damn those idiots and their ignorance!

    I hope he trips and falls today! lol...