Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Me thinking...

i was thinking today, why can relationships not be simpler? Why do we have to complicate everything? Why cann't we just like someone for the sake of liking them? Why do we flee from those that show interest in us when we are not interested? Why do we not trust wen we know we should and vice-versa?


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  1. why we keep wanting to analyze everything? why are we so insecure? why do we trust when we know we shouldn't? why do we like those who don't like us back? why do we get disappointed but still forgive? why do we run when we know the person likes us back? why do we say we give up, but then we change our minds? why are we afraid to fall in love? why can't we jsut fall in love? why do we try not to believe in love, but a part of us a little one has hope that is exists? why do we miss something we never had? why so many whys????