Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bday summary

So, my birthday has been over for a good few hours now. It was a wonderful birthday, i must admit. On Friday, a good friend of mine called me from abroad to "drink" with me. So, that is exactly what we did. Me, here in Montreal, and her, all the way there in Brazil. it was cool in a lame way, but it made me feel better about her not being here for my bday and all. Next, I went out to dinner with some friends. Funny thing is, I was about to cancel it at the least minute, but I am glad I did not. Everyone got along with everyone else perfectly and people actually appeared to enjoy their time. Afterwards, we all went to an Arabic party. At first, I must admit, I was not having much fun only because I HATE clubs, I HATE being t9uched by strangers and I most certainly HATE being in any place that is that packed with people. However, as the hours rolled on by, I enjoyed it more and more. Music was good, they played Arabic and Techno; and boy can my friends shake it!

Next came home, Two of my friends were crashing over and two more of my friends came over to hang out. We tried to play cards, but no 2 of us agreed on a game, we tried playing Uno, but that didnt work out very well either. So in the end, we settled on just making fun of each other. Finally, to end a great night of partying, chilling and hanging with friends, they left at 5-ish and by 7, we were all sleeping like babies.

But this is not the end of my bday, oh no.... at 12 pm my friend calls me and tells me to get ready as she was going to pick me up and take me for a massage. What a massage!!!! It was a hot stone massage and it was GREAT! I was so relaxed afterwards, it is hard to explain. After massage, we went for lunch and then she dropped me home. That left me with three hours to take a shower, rest an get ready to go to my friends' house for his bday! Needless to say, i did not rest. So we went over, it was fun! it was a nice change of pace from my party weekend. Very laid back, very relaxed. Towards the end though, I was so tired, I could no longer even make out what someone is saying. Finally, at exactly 12 midnight -freaky, eh?- I walk into my house and say goodbye to my birthday. It was now, officially over.
=) =) =) =)

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  1. sounds like 2 good days celebrating girl!
    Happy Birthday Again!