Thursday, September 21, 2006


For a good two weeks now and I have been craving a soft, half chocolate- half vanilla ice cream. Unfortunatly, where ever I went, the machine was broken down. I decided to try my luck again today, so I went into Sucre Blue to get my icecream. Ofcourse, and as anticipated, the ice cream machine was broken down, it could not produce the half-half ice cream I wanted. So, I decided that it was alright. I was going to settle for the vanilla ice cream I do not exactly like instead. So, the guy walks over to the machine, and starts to pour the ice cream into the cup. He looks into the cup with a wierd expression on his face, looks up at me and says "sorry, this too is broken down I guess, it is not freezing". WTF?!!!!!!!

I WANT MY ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!! = (

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