Thursday, September 28, 2006

late night Ramblings

Something is wrong with my throat. It's been hurting me at least once every week. It feels dry and achy, oh and painful. I must not forget the painful.

So, today was boring. I studied all day, I'm kind of on the top of school work, which is very weird for me. Maybe after 4 years in uni I finally learnt how to multi-task and spread my time??!!

The first month of the countdown is almost over, meaning that now I have 4 months left for me in this country. This is my last fall, and I will probably enjoy the winter before it becomes too bitter. This summer was not my last summer, coz that was the year before. I did get to see spring though, so I am happy. I get to witness the 3 seasons that do not exist where I come from for the last time. I guess this is the upside to everything.

Seeing that I am counting my remaining days here and everything, I have become a camera-freak. Whatever I see, I have to take a picture of. It's like I am trying to capture every small piece of this great city to keep for future use. Like I need a picture to remember Montreal?
Come to think of it, I actually do. Hahahahaha, Seriously, sometimes I freak myself out.

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