Monday, May 22, 2006

Vent Fest 1

So, something has been bothering me lately. It's not school, life or the lack thereof... it's the situation in Palestine. Yes, I do realize that people have heard about it so much that it has lost its appeal to some. However, what is bothering me is a different situation. I just realized that many people, although they know about the Diaspora and the struggle and history of the conflict, do not realize how it feels to not belong to a country. many people even don't realize that people have actually been kicked out of their land for settlers to move in. People do not realize the pain and agony that our fathers and grandfathers passed on to us when they had to say goodbye to their homes, their fields, their friends, their land. People do not realize how it must feel to not even be able to go to your own country because, according to the international community, there is no Palestine, only the Occupied Territories and Israel.

This realization troubled me, and still does to this day. People have to look at the situation as it truly is, a humanitarian issue, rather than what it has become, a religious issue. What troubles me even more than my previous realization, is the fact that those inflicting all this pain and suffering went through something similar during the holocaust. Are we not all human? Do we all not bleed the same if we were cut? do we all not know what sadness and happiness are? Do we all not smile in the same language and cry the same way? People have to spread the word, raise awareness and make sure everyone knows and hears our story. The story of the Palestinian people is a sad and unfortunate one, but one that must be told over and over again nonetheless.

Someday, We shall return... until that day, we will resort to fight for what is rightfully ours, our Palestine.

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